More Snow? No Thank You!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
DH meets with the radiologist tomorrow. We should finally know when he will begin his round of treatments. We both really want to get this started and over with as soon as possible.

Our adoption classes are supposed to start this Saturday, but it looks like another round of snow is coming in Thursday night. I have a feeling it will be postponed yet again, which just stinks. We live an hour from the agency, but we are really close to the interstate. It's a straight shot for us and the interstates are almost always clear. So snow isn't that much of a factor for us, but apparently there are a few couples that live far enough out of town that it can be a real issue. It wouldn't surprise me if the agency decides to postpone until March, especially since the weather this winter has been terrible.

Although we don't want that to happen, DH and I have made peace with it if it does. He's been diligently working on his dissertation while he's been stuck at home because of snow days. He's managed to get a lot of writing and research done. We are hoping (thanks to the weather and all the extra time it's given him) that he'll be able to finish by the end of the semester or sometime this summer and then defend in the fall.

How great would it be if he graduated with his doctorate and we adopted a sweet little one all in the same year? That's what we're hoping for!!!


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