Groundhog Day

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Some days I swear I'm reliving the same day over and over. Lately, we've noticed a trend in certain people as well. The only time we ever hear from them is when they want something. Really? It was funny at first, now it's just down right ridiculous. What ever happened to calling or stopping by to see how your friends are doing? Whatever.

So, tonight we're supposed to get another 3"-5" of snow.  Again, snow is the only thing EVER in our forecast. UGH. I'm tired of it. It's supposed to stop by Friday morning. I'm hoping our class won't be cancelled this time. Honestly, this whole adoption process is the one thing that's keeping us going. Well, at least for me anyway. I guess I shouldn't speak for the husband. I'm just so ready to get started, to have something to work towards.

Oh, we're also looking forward to February 11th. That will be DH's last day of treatments! Woo Hoo! Speaking of February, does anyone have any fun Valentine's Day plans? We may go out early to celebrate being finished with treatments and Valentine's Day. I'm even going to let DH decide what he wants to do. :)



  1. I'm so sick of the snow too! We don't even really get it that often but 2 times in 2 weeks is too much for me!

  2. I love, love, love snow, and even *I* am fed up. I have Spring Fever in January, which means February is going to be a cranky month. LOL

    PS Going to see Elvis on Tour at Radio City Music Hall for V-day (I'm a total Elvis geek....hubby's just awesome). ;-)