Day 1

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Yesterday was Day 1 of radiation treatments. Everything seemed to be going really well until about 3 hours after we got home. DH started to get really tired and within an hour was so sick. Leave it to us to once again be left out of the majority of people who have no problems with radiation. We're hoping it may just be his body adjusting to the treatment. The radiologist is supposed to give him some anti-nausea meds today. I hope they work. I hate seeing him so sick, especially when there's nothing I can do about it. It's terrible.

Thankfully, we only have 14 more to go (13 after today) and we're finished. February 11th. That's just around the corner, right? You know, I've been dreading March and April like the plague, obviously because we're closing upon a year since I was admitted to the hospital and we lost Josey, but now I can't wait to see March. This nasty winter weather will be coming to an end and DH will be finished with his treatments and feeling like his old self. Here's to spring!


  1. I hope that his reaction was a one time thing, as an adjustment to radiationlike you said. Perhaps the radiation oncologist can give him Zofran to help with nausea..poor guy! And yes, February 11th is right around the corner, but isn't it crazy how when you want a date to come quick, time seems to go slower and visa versa? Here's to a quick 13 days for your hubby and you.

  2. I hope that his reaction was a one time thing too and that the end of his treatments comes quickly!

  3. I hope that your DH is coping okay and that the time flies by.


  4. They gave Ryan an anti-nausea med before his treatments and then gave us one to give him at home if needed. I agree with Brie who said to check and see if it's available for your husband!