We did it

Sunday, December 26, 2010
We made it through the holidays. I can't believe it. There were some tears, but only in the comfort of our own home. Overall, it was much better than I think either of us could have hoped for. We even enjoyed ourselves! 

This year, we all chipped in and bought my aunt an iPad. She has always been the aunt that bought us whatever we wanted and took us wherever we wanted to go. When she was in her early 40s, she lost her eyesight. She is now legally blind; however, with the iPad she can zoom in and hold it up close to her so she can see. Check out the video; this is what Christmas is about!

Now, we're less than one week away from 2011. I'm not going into it naive, but I am going into it cautiously hopeful, yet prepared for whatever stumbles may still be waiting for us. I hope next December 26th we have lots and lots to be thankful for and a year we don't want to forget.

Today, it's time to put away the tree and get ready for a new year. I think I'll use my pass on weigh-in next week. Although, zumba starts back tonight! If I can get my butt out of my new pink snuggie, I am going to go. LOL


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