The Day After

Saturday, December 04, 2010
DH's surgery went very well. The doctor said he felt like as far as he was concerned DH was now cured. He goes back to see him in a week for the final pathology report and to decide whether or not to have any radiation.  However, he doesn't seem to think he'll need any.

DH is doing great. He's pretty sore, but as the day goes on he seems to be feeling a little better. What a relief. My stomach has been in knots for a week. After the surgery, I crashed as hard as he did. lol

It has snowed all day. DH managed to sit in the recliner most of the day while I wrapped gifts and made peanut butter fudge. I might not be able to bake or cook much, but I can make a mean peanut butter fudge! ;) This evening my sister came out and we made oreo balls. OH MY. You haven't lived until you've tasted a golden oreo ball!!

Now, it's time to bundle up in front of the fire place and watch the latest Hallmark Christmas movie. Thanks to all my friends out there that have kept us in your prayers.


  1. Glad to hear that it went well! And golden oreo balls sound many points in on of those?? lol

  2. That's happy news. Oh, and I agree with Rhiannon, golden oreo balls sound yummy.

  3. Are you taking orders for the Golden Oreo Ball??? They sound delicious!!!! Im grateful you are with family and enjoying the holidays as best you can!!!

  4. glad to hear the surgery went well. I bet he was happy he could eat again and enjoy the goodies.

  5. i am glad to hear that the surgery went well, hoping for a good report back!!!