Happy (equals) Stressed?

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
What a year it's been to say the least. I noticed I was actually in a good mood today. That terrifies me. How awful is that? I'm afraid that allowing myself to breathe a little easier just ends up causing more stress, more what ifs, which leads to me putting up my guard. I guess I'm just holding out for Monday. I want to hear that final YES HE'S OK and NO HE DOESN'T NEED ANYMORE TREATMENT. Then, I won't worry so much about catching myself in a good mood.

On another note, Ashley, Chris and Christopher got to go home today. Little bittle is so cute!! Stop over and wish them lots of love!



  1. Oh, I feel exactly the same way sometimes. If I get happy, or start to breathe easier, and then something goes wrong, it seems to hit so much harder.

    I really hope you and your hubby have good news on Monday.

  2. Here's hoping for really great news on Monday.