2010 Year in Review

Friday, December 31, 2010
I had no intentions of doing this, but I thought it would be interesting to see what I have to say a year from now as compared to today. So, here we go.

January - Life is perfect. We're having a little girl.

February - Went to Vegas with my sisters to see Garth Brooks. Awesome.

March - Admitted to the hospital w/ preeclampsia.

April - Still in the hospital. Induced on Easter. Lose our daughter. Bury her. Grieve.

May - Go back to work...way too early.

June - Order Josey's headstone. So hard.

July - Get through our due date. Even harder.

August - Decide to adopt. Feeling some hope again.

September - Roller coaster of a month! DH's best friend passes away. So sad. And my nephew is born. Awesome, but also extremely emotional for both me and DH.

October - Make the first call to adoption agency.

November - Meet with adoption agency. Find out DH has testicular cancer.

December - DH has surgery. DH gets clean bill of health, but still plans on doing radiation as a precaution.

I am so hoping and praying for a better year, a much happier year. It's easy to sum things up in a few sentences, but harder to express the emotions that have gone along with each month, each experience. We will definitely be welcoming 2011 with open arms tonight.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Without a doubt it has been a rough year....you have endured so much yet still speak in a positive and hopeful voice....kudos to you!

    May you continue to heal and your DH's health go on improving.

    Oh and best wishes for the adoption process!

    LS x