Friday, November 26, 2010
Well, we made it and it wasn't too bad.  DH and I had a few moments, but overall we were troopers and were determined to enjoy the day. I even managed to stay within all my points for Weight Watchers too! Granted, that includes my flex points for the week, but still. Today I'm back to it. No leftovers and no being lazy. I got up, fixed a healthy breakfast and hopped on the treadmill. I already feel better. :)

After dinner with the family yesterday, we went home for a nice long, three-hour nap. It was heavenly. DH took advantage of the warm weather and worked on his VW Bus. I was standing outside on the porch enjoying the rain and warm weather, when I caught a glimpse of DH in the garage and something on fire. I tried to get a picture, but it was out before I could get the camera to take the picture.

Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious, just another story for the books. This bus has been through the ringer and back on more than one occasion. I don't know what he'll do when it's finally finished. LOL

We got the tree up and our outside decorations as well. The weather here has been crazy.  It's warm, sunny and 70 and then cold, rainy and 30 all within 24 hours over and over again. Everyone has a cold. Ick. We decided against hitting the stores for Black Friday. I've actually found some great deals online; however, it's hard to get them. I was waiting at noon on for the Kindle deal. As soon as it counted down and became available, I clicked add to cart and I still didn't get it. GRRRRR. Oh well. Here are a few pictures of what we did Wednesday and Thursday. Notice DH's VW ornament. He is so proud. :)

Oh and let's not forget our sweet furbaby. He's lovin' having us home for a few days.



  1. I love your blog - it looks awesome! The outside tree is very sweet. We live in an apartment and can't really do outside decorations but I love seeing them on other people's houses. I'm glad you feel so great and guilt free after Thanksgiving! I wish I could say the same!

    ICLW #93

  2. The decorations look awesome! And I am so impressed that you have been doing so well with sticking to your WW program! I need some of your motivation :) Thinking of you!!!

  3. Here from ICLW :) Congratulations on your decision to adopt! Thanksgiving totally does need a recovery day. All that eating can make me feel disgusting. Back when I belonged to a gym I would to go this post-thanksgiving work out class the day after that was especially tough to make up for overeating. I wish I still did that... but not that much ;) Sending prayers and best wishes to you.