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Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Well, I backslid on my NaBloPoMo posting for the month. I missed yesterday. Oh well. Maybe next month.

My first night of fitness training was great. I was a little worried at first when "Coach" blew the whistle and lined us up at the end of the gym floor. I thought, "Great. I'm 8 years old back in gym class."  LOL We did have to run a couple of laps, but it was just to warm up and get ready for our strength training. Sunday we do upper body and Wednesday we do lower body. Despite the fact we only did upper body, my inner thighs are sore.

I figure by the end of the week I'll barely be able to move. Bed rest for a month, toxins eating your muscle and 7 months of practically no exercise leaves, what I would assume, is little to no muscle. So I imagine I'll be quite sore for some time.  That being said, it's just what the doctor ordered....literally.  My metabolism is non-existent, so hopefully by increasing my muscle, I'll increase my metabolism, which means I'll burn fat a lot faster. And of course, that's what I want.

My first official weigh-in for Weight Watchers is tomorrow. I received an email this morning reminding everyone in our office that our annual Thanksgiving dinner is this Friday. Nice. Just in time for WW. Oh well. I can handle it.

Our family pictures we had taken last month should be here this week. I'll post a couple of my faves once we get them. I can't wait to pick out a few for our family profile for the agency. The social worker told us to be sure to take lots of pictures of us together over the holidays too. She suggested a lot of non-posed pictures. I'm going to rely on my family to try to get some candid snapshots. Hopefully we'll get some good ones. I'm looking forward to putting our profile together. I think it will be fun, maybe a little nerve wrecking, but fun.


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  1. Good luck! WW with holidays isn't that bad, as long as you have points to spare! LOL