Just a little grouchy

Monday, November 15, 2010
The past few days I have been a grouch. I have snapped at my husband for no reason, I've broken down and cried for no reason (well, other than the obvious), and I've just been plain whiny. LOL I think it may be my subconscious telling me the holidays are going to be harder than I thought. I try to play the big girl and be strong for everyone so they don't have to feel uncomfortable around me, but I'm not sure I'm going to win this battle over the next couple months. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully I'll surprise myself.

No news on the adoption front and there won't be until the first of the year. We do have a couple of books to read to get us ready for our classes, but we haven't started them yet. I broke down and ordered my entire baby bedding last week. I'm totally jumping the gun, but I kept noticing places that were selling it were no longer selling it and it was getting harder and harder to find. It matches the drapes in the bedroom we plan to use perfectly. They are an aqua color. I didn't want to have to buy new drapes too, so when I found this bedding I had to have it. It will go straight to the closet until further notice. Here is a pic.

Isn't the mobile adorable? I love that it has lots of stars. Our little angel baby, Josey Starr, will be looking out for her new little brother or sister; I have no doubt!

Weight Watchers and Boot Camp are coming along pretty well. We have our first weigh-in today. It's only been 4 days since our last meeting (our first meeting was on Wednesday), so I'm not expecting too much. We've been told they are drastically changing their program. It's supposed to roll out the end of this month. I'm interested to see what is changing. On the Boot Camp front, I've pulled a muscle. It's in my abdomen. I hesitate to call it a muscle because I'm not sure I have any muscles there yet. LOL Whatever it is, it just about did me in last night. It hurt to do anything that concentrated on the core. That's what I get for jumping in head first after being away from exercising for so long. Hopefully, it will be all better by Wednesday. Wednesdays are the really hard days.

Sorry for the long drawn out post about nothing. If you've read all of this, kudos to you! Hope you have a great week!



  1. Where are the bedding pics? :)

  2. I totally get being a grouch for no good reason. Be gentle with yourself during the holidays. (((Hugs)))

  3. LOVE the bedding, it's beautiful! I hear you on the grouchy front...I too have been feeling very moody lately. So many emotions with the Holidays approaching and also the medications for our FET aren't helping things. I'd say we both have a damn good excuse if we have a grouchy day, be gentle with yourself my friend. ((hugs))