Boot Camp

Friday, November 12, 2010
I've decided the fitness class I am taking should be called Boot Camp. The first night was tough, but not too bad. The second class busted my butt. We have classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Wednesday night we worked our lower body. Needless to say I still have to hold on to something to sit up and sit down. LOL I'm not complaining though. It's a good hurt, but boy does it ever hurt! I've made myself walk up and down the stairs here in our office building in hopes that it would help relieve some of the burn, but so far it hasn't. Last night I tried doing some squats and lunges, but my squats didn't look like squats and my lunges weren't lunges. However, I give myself an A for effort. :)

I already feel so much better. It's amazing how two good workouts can already give you a boost. I took my measurements this morning. Last year I lost 24 inches. I'm hoping to lose that and then some again. It always helps motivate when you've lost an inch, but maybe haven't lost any weight for the week.

This is also my first week of Weight Watchers. There are three of us in the office participating. So far so good. DH hasn't even noticed. He was worried I would starve him. HA! Tonight is our office Thanksgiving dinner. I've already planned out what I can eat, how much and the points value. I even included dessert. My goal here is mini-goals. I'm trying not to look at the final result, but rather 5 or 10 pound goals. So, my first goal is to lose 10 pounds. Then, I'll set another goal to lose 10 more. I do hope to at least lose 10 by Christmas. I feel really confident that I can, especially with Boot Camp helping me.


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  1. Keep up the great work!! No pain, no gain... or in this case, no loss! ;)