Adoption Update

Saturday, November 06, 2010
I am feeling like this is finally getting real. DH and I were so nervous going into our first meeting yesterday. I guess it was just the unknown as well as taking that initial first step. We came prepared with lots of questions and were very pleasantly surprised by their answers. We immediately felt right at home.

Here are some of our questions and their answers.

1.  How many placements do you typically make in a year? Around 8

2.  What is the "average" wait time? Depends on what we're open to, e.g. different races, medical, etc. However, a year is about normal.

3.  What is the longest one of your adoptive families has waited? 3 years, but they were very restrictive in what they would accept.

4.  How many families do you normally work with in a year? 8-10

5.  Do we pay for birthmom medical, legal or living expenses? No, they have a fund set aside to take care of all those expenses. We only pay their agency fee, which is based on income. We will need to pay for finalization, but this is after placement.

6.  Have you had many failed adoptions? Matches aren't made until late in pregnancy. Most of the time matches fall through before the adoptive families even know they've been matched. This is handled with the agency. Only once in 18 1/2 years have they had an adoptive family take home a child only to return the child to its birth parents two days later, and there were extenuating circumstances with that particular case.

7.  How do you facilitate open, semi-open or closed adoptions?  The majority of their adoptions are open. They advocate for open adoptions; however, the agency will recommend semi-open or open based on what they feel may be best for both families involved.  There are times when birth families request closed adoptions, but it is not very often.

8.  Do you offer counseling pre and post adoption for both birth families and adoptive families? Yes. They offer life long counseling should we need it. They also offer counseling to the adoptee.

We were so impressed with everything they do for the adoption triad. Talking to them answered so many questions and really made us feel comfortable moving forward. We were given a couple of books to start reading over the holidays in preparation for our classes, which will begin in January. They are planning on offering all day Saturday classes to try to get the required 24 hours of education completed sooner so that adoptive families can get started on their homestudies.  As of now there are 3 other families that will be going through with us. I'm excited about meeting them as well.

My sisters told me I was officially "pregnant" again, but I informed them I wouldn't be "paper pregnant" until we finish the homestudy.  Let's hope by March we'll officially be paper pregnant! :)



  1. YAY!! I'm so excited for you two!! I'm glad you felt better after the meeting, that is always a good sign.

  2. Sounds like you picked a good agency. It seems like they are trying to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. I hope it all goes well.

  3. Oh I was confused - I thought you were starting your homestudy! It sounds like you have a good agency.

  4. I love that term, "paper pregnant!" This sounds so incredible. I'm excited to follow along during your journey! xo

  5. what a wonderful way to say it!!!! i love the term "paper pregnant"!!!! how wonderful! so excited for you and praying that God's hands are all over this decision and that His choice for your home comes soon!!!

    blessings and hugs!!!!

  6. so you are paper ovulating? -les