Scientists Find Cause of Pre-eclampsia

Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Did you read that? Can you believe it? Could this be true????

Today marks 6 months since we lost Josey. SIX MONTHS. I don't even know what to say. On the 6th month anniversary of losing our sweet girl, I came home to read this.  I wish I could describe to you what it felt like to read those words for the first time. For once, I'm speechless. I truly don't have words. Tonight, I have faith that my children and your children will not have to worry about this horrible, unpredictable disease/illness (aka the devil) called pre-eclampsia. My hope is to see a cure, a way to prevent pre-e from ever occurring, in my lifetime. Now I know it's not just a dream. It can happen. Thank God for science and brilliant, determined men and women.

Who knows, maybe six months from now I'll come home to find more good news - a breakthrough treatment or drug? Wouldn't that be absolutely unbelievably wonderful?



  1. Hi Kerry,

    I left you something on my blog. :-)

  2. I just sat here and read this article 5 times. I am going to bring it with me to my doctors appointment with me - I hope that it can give my Dr. a little more insight when the monitor me the next time I get pregnant (if there is one).

  3. I thought you might find this interesting too:


  4. That is wonderful!! I have been thinking about your story and am truly so sorry. I appreciate your attitude though...I just know your Blog will help others. What a gift you have.

    Take care and thank you for following my Blog. I am a follower of yours, too:)


  5. That is such a great thing to hear. I am sorry you lost a child though. Stopping by from the Hare group!

  6. I am so glad they are one step closer to finding a cure and preventing these unspeakable tragedies.

  7. i am SPEECHLESS!!!!!!! this is beyond fantastic! this should be screamed from CNN and FOX NEWS! this should be front page news!!!!! amazing!!!!

    my heart is thinking of your precious today and sending you hugs..... 6 months is such a long and short time.... ((((((hugs)))))

  8. I am going to read that right away! I had pre-eclampsia with both of my kids. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  9. I hope they do come up with a cure. It must be heartbreaking to go all the way through a pregnancy and then lose it at the last minute. I lost several early pregnancies, but that's more private and less traumatic than at the later stages. I also had pre-eclampsia with my youngest son, but it was mild & manageable. Stopping by from your SITS Hare tribe.