Recovery: Trial & Error

Friday, October 29, 2010
Zoloft withdrawals = not a happy person. I talked about this earlier in the week and I had a lot of wonderful comments, emails and facebook messages. I hate that there is such a stigma surrounding anti-depressants. However, I'm not above admitting I needed help. That being said, I apparently still need help.

The withdrawals were beginning to slightly ease, but my attitude and temper was getting worse by the minute. I really wanted to give myself at least a month off the medication to see how I did, but alas it was not meant to be. Yesterday, DH called just before I left work and mentioned he hadn't dropped off my packages to be mailed. I flipped. I was so emotional, I could feel the waves running through my body. My brain was saying, "Kerry, you're being ridiculous." Unfortunately, my body had other plans. I felt like I could just collapse at any moment. I was that upset. By the time I caught my breath, I picked up the phone, called my doctor and asked for a refill. Enough is enough. I wasn't ready. I'll give it another try after the holidays. DH was quite happy to see me bring in that bag from the pharmacy. LOL


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  1. Kerry,
    I SUFFER from Anxiety and take, what I call my chill pill every day. I can have not a care in the world and be in panic mode without any warning. My heart races randomly. I sometimes even hold my breath subconciously. It took me a while to realize I needed a little extra help. My mom encouraged me for years before I gave in. I didn't want to rely on a pill; I wanted to learn how to deal on my own. Anyway, Its okay! Join the club!