Learning to Bounce Back

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I've mentioned this book before; in fact, I wrote a little about it in my previous blog. I can't recommend this little jewel enough. The Bounce Back Book: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity, Setbacks, and Losses was by far the best book I read in learning how to deal with my grief, my loss, the process of healing and so on. It's not a devotional type of book or even religious for that matter. Most self-help books dealing with grief tend to lean towards the spiritual/religious side, and although there is nothing wrong with that, for me, it didn't help in the present. I needed something I could do right then to help get me through the next few moments.

The author brings together the best of what therapists, counselors, etc. try to do for their patients, along with her own witty and often humorous thoughts on the matter. It isn't necessarily a book for those that have lost a child; rather, it's a book dedicated to any loss or significant setback and how to "bounce back" to a new you. The author's humor and very practical to-the-point suggestions helped me tremendously. In fact, I carried this book in my purse for about two months. Every time I started to feel bad, I'd pull it out, open it to a random page and read.  Obviously, this isn't a cure-all, but it is definitely a must add to your home library.



  1. Thanks for the tip! Sounds like a must-read for me. I'm a big advocate of approaching loss with both honor and humor. Looking forward to reading more here.

    Michelle (ICLW #15)

  2. This is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing this as I've been looking for a book like this that didn't lean towards using religious undertones.