Just paranoid?

Friday, October 22, 2010
This morning I woke up after a good night's sleep only to be greeted by a terrible pain in my right calf. It felt like how you would feel the day after doing an intense step aerobics workout. My mind immediately went the wrong way. Is this a blood clot? Why does only one leg hurt? What do I do? How will I know? Am I going to die? I sat up and tried to massage my calf muscles with my hands. Before I even really had time to think, the pain was gone. Had I just dreamed it? Am I just paranoid about any and all medical conditions now?

I recently started a new birth control pill. I haven't had the best of luck with it. I've kept a headache. I haven't had a migraine or even a headache in months until I started these pills. I always heard that pregnancy sometimes causes migraines to stop. I'm still hoping that's the case. I'm sick and tired of being a chronic migraineur. Anyway, along with my MTHFR mutation, which for those who don't know happens to be a blood clotting disorder, and the headaches I thought for sure these pills had given me a blood clot.

I talked with my doctor about going on the pill with MTHFR. He said since my homocysteine levels were normal (high levels = bad, low levels = good), there was no reason for me not to take the pill. Of course, I've been diligently taking my multi-vitamins and extra folic acid. (MTHFR inhibits the body from absorbing folate and other b vitamins.) By keeping my body full of B vitamins, it helps to keep my homocysteine levels down, or at least that's how I understood it. Who knows? Anyway, I can't help but worry. The whole "this rarely happens" deal is not a safe bet for me. I unfortunately found that needle in a haystick with my pregnancy and I don't want to find it again!

I am going to give these pills the rest of the weekend. If my headache isn't gone by Monday, I'm calling my OB to switch my pills back to what they were before. I may just do it anyway. The stress isn't worth it. I'm in dire need of a massage. I may just treat myself to one.

By the way, have I mentioned how HAPPY I am that it's finally Friday? Wow. So glad! Hope everyone has a great one!



  1. Is there any way you can take baby aspirin as a clot preventative? I worry about weird leg pains too!

  2. The doc doesn't want me to take any aspirin due to the fact my homocysteine levels are normal. I asked that too.

  3. Sorry to hear about the weird leg pains and the headaches. Hope it all gets better soon. I totally relate to the paranoia thing--I'm always jumping to the worst conclusion myself.

  4. Sorry about your leg pain, sounds like maybe a charley horse? Do you take calcium/magnesium supps? That might help along with making sure you stay hydrated. Anyway, hope it's just that and nothing more serious!