Future Trip

Saturday, October 09, 2010
I'm sure you've noticed our VW bug convertible and VW bus pictures on the side of my blog. These are two of our favorite "toys," well, the bus is definitely my husband's favorite toy. Currently, it is in makeover mode. New paint, seat covers, etc are in its future. Our goal is to have the bus up and running so we can use it to camp. The top actually lifts up to reveal something like a tent. It had a sink and refrigerator when we bought it, but we've since taken it out while DH is restoring it.

The other day, DH found this video. It's great and it's exactly what we have in mind for our little family one day. We may even make a video just like this! (Maybe sooner than later. We have an iFlip video camera that's great for quick video and easy upload.)

Check it out! :)

Sean wants to take you for a trip in a VW bus from Sean Aiken on Vimeo.


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