Fall V-Dub Ride

Monday, October 25, 2010
Passenger side view in the convertible.
Gotta love warm fall days.



  1. Love it. I drove to WV and back this weekend by myself (from VA). It's amazing what the windows down and beautiful fall foliage will do for the soul. :)

  2. this is my first visit to your blog, and i was greeted by your wonderful quote from joseph campbell in your header. it is so powerful, it made me cry, before ever reading anything else here! thank you for following my blog, and thank you for that quote, which i think i may steal!

  3. Ohhhh..My first visit to your blog and I see your VW's! I drove a 72 Super Beetle for years and we had a 69 Transporter until we sold her last year. Still sad about that one! So, thanks for the ride in your bug! I can still smell that VW scent...

    Pix--Cheese Curds and Kimchi