Fall in the Bluegrass

Thursday, October 14, 2010
You know it’s Fall when the horses start racing. Each spring and fall people FLOCK to Keeneland for the races. If you’ve never been to watch the ponies, I suggest you make a trip to the Bluegrass state during April or October, or both. Around here we wouldn’t miss it. It’s more than just horse races. It’s just plain fun. 

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Although you don’t have to, most attendees dress up for the occasion. It’s the place to see and be seen. Then there’s the food, drink, and of course a little gambling. Aside from the seasonal races, Keeneland is also known for its horse sales. WOW is all I have to say about that. Have you ever seen a horse sell for millions of dollars? It’s incredible to watch these people bid on horses like it’s a cake auction for the local school.

More than likely you have seen Keeneland on the big screen. Recently, part of the new Disney film, Secretariat, was filmed there. Seabiscuit and Dreamer were also filmed there. It’s big news if a movie crew comes to town! Although, I must say no movie star will ever outshine a Kentucky Wildcat. I guarantee if you put George Clooney (who is also a Kentucky native) up against Coach Cal, Clooney wouldn’t even have a line for an autograph. LOL 

Anyway, DH and I are making our way to Keeneland on Friday. I can’t wait! The weather is supposed to be perfect and we need a fun day out.  Don’t worry, I’ll have pictures for you. Hopefully, we’ll come back with a few green backs in our pockets.


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  1. Have a great time!! Me and DH's cousin are going next weekend for my birthday, cannot wait!!
    Win some for me sista!!