Wild Ride

Thursday, September 02, 2010
I'm not sure why, but I found myself reading my original blog I created in the hospital.  I haven't really been back to it, except for a time or two. Reading it was/is hard. I realized I kept a lot out of it, but there were some things I had forgotten. What I did find interesting is on April 1st I posted that I had gained 17 pounds since my first day in the hospital. I delivered April 6th. After I was put on lasiks, I ended up losing about 60 pounds in a week's time. This means I gained at least 43 pounds in those five short days. WOW. Now I understand why the skin on my hips popped (gross, I know). Our skin isn't made to act like elastic. I'm so thankful I started the lasiks when I did. It gives me goose bumps to think what might have happened had I waited any longer.

As much as I want a healthy baby of my own, I also want to be a healthy momma. Reliving that month again has given me even more reassurance that adoption is what's best for our little family. I know for some it may not be as exciting as getting pregnant and giving birth, but it's how we plan to build our family. I'm truly overjoyed for my fellow BLMs out there that are already pregnant with their rainbows and I hope and pray that those ttc at the moment get their BFP soon. However, it's time for me to push ahead in a different direction. What's right for some isn't always right for another. I know I've said that before, but I am really feeling it today. If it takes everything in me, I'll find a way to get my margaritas from these limes we've been given. ;)



  1. I honestly get excited when I hear about adoptions!! I know those babies are there waiting to be loved and cared for and if me and anthony were able to adopt I would probably want to adopt like 10 babies..it breaks my heart to see how many are there. Financially and other reasons, we are not able to so if I dont have a child on my own I will just have my sweet Alyssa and my stepson...Good luck to you and i wish you and your hubby all the best...I actually remembered that post you just spoke about from the other blog...(((hugs)))

  2. Good luck to you, wishing you all the best.

  3. praying that your baby is out there somewhere and will be in your arms soon!!!!!!