Weekend in finally here

Saturday, September 25, 2010
I have never been so glad to see the weekend get here. Last night, DH and I went out to dinner and headed to the lake for the Cave Run Storytelling Festival.  We go every year. It's one of out favorite things to do! As we were driving towards the lake, the dark clouds started to roll in and we decided to pass it up and go see Baby Hudson. They had just made it home. That's a good excuse for skipping the festival, right? We thought we'd just go today, but we can't spend the entire day and $40 for two hours is a little much. If we could stay all day, then it would be fine. So, we've opted for a boat ride. The weather is supposed to be beautiful - mid-70's. Might even need a sweatshirt! Love! Then off to a wedding reception tonight and the Gary Allan concert tomorrow thanks to the World Equestrian Games.  Even better, we're only a couple weeks away from the opening day of Keeneland!  Oh how I love FALL!



  1. Sounds like you are in for a great weekend! Hope it ends up being as fun as it sounds.

    ICLW #43

  2. Hope it all goes well! Sounds like a full weekend. Hope you return from your adventures feeling refreshed.