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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Well, I'm actually surprised at the comments and emails I got yesterday about my interest in a March for Babies event. So, my question to you, dear readers, is before I jump head first into a lot of hard work and dedication, please tell me why you would or would not support such an event. If in fact there's a reason not to support such an event, please let me know. I would like to be as educated as possible before spending a lot of time on something of this nature. I have never attended a March for Babies, but have talked with a few who have and they seemed to really enjoy it. So, spill the beans! Let's hear what you have to say.  :)



  1. www.charitynavigator.com is my primary reason. I wish it said how each donation is broken down, but I'm guessing that for $20, about $5 is going towards babies/research, if that much. And the fact that remember, the March of Dimes main goal is to end premature births. They ignore pre-eclampsia, as a cause of premature birth, completely in most cases. Personally, I'm okay with the number of premature births except for those due to incompetent cervix,etc....I don't want this organization to make things more difficult for me or any of my friends to deliver when the doctor thinks it's the time. In some of our cases when we are getting sick, that can be the difference between a stillborn baby and a live baby. I wish their mission was more specifically to help babies, not to just end prematurity.

    I'd rather donate to an organization that was more baby-centered or at least realistic, and that used most of the money for that cause and not to pay the ceo 600k+. There are small groups that make blankets, memory boxes, etc. for loss families that don't pay themselves anything from donations except to get supplies.

    I think a fundraiser in honor of Josey is still a great idea. Maybe you just want to reconsider the charity that you are donating to? (And if you are okay with the MoD, that's okay too.I donated money to them last year and then when I learned more about the organization and their positions, I was ticked off I gave them my money instead of someone else, and I don't want others to feel that same regret!)

  2. We are big supporters of the March of Dimes and this past year was our third year walking in honor of our son. We have raised a total of $18,000 through our family team, which has consisted of 35-75 people through the years and grown as our family has.

    The March of Dimes is one of many organizations that we support for a variety of reasons. Because they fight to end prematurity and because they are such a large organization they have the ability to use the money raised to do research that was not possible decades ago.

    Prematurity, in our case, was caused by pPROM'ing which was caused for unknown reasons. Without the research the March of Dimes has done, the medical technology would not have been there to give our son the time we had with him. And without the research they have done, I do not believe I would have gotten so far in this pregnancy where it looks like we will not have to suffer through another premature birth.

    Even if the March of Dimes did not provide this research, they do provide awareness. There is nothing more powerful than to be at one of their marches and seeing the waves of thousands upon thousands of people wearing the shirts showing their little miracles, both the babies they lost and the children they hold today because of that research. The events are so incredibly moving and there is a sense of community and fellowship that I have not found in similar charity walks or events.

    There is something to be said about raising awareness in regards to not only premature birth but to infant loss through premature birth. I know that participating in the walk has brought to the attention of family and friends an idea of what we go through, a look into the face of infant loss, and a walk through the journey we continue to go through on a daily basis.

    With that being said, the March of Dimes is not the only organization that we commit or donate to. Since SIDS is what took our baby from us, we also do a lot of fundraising for Spring for SIDS in hopes of finding a cause, a reason and a way to prevent it in the future.

    We also encourage those we know to donate to our local NICUs and have been able to convince women in our family to donate their wedding dresses to organizations such as the Mary Madeline project who turn the beautiful dresses into cherished gowns and blankets for babies who pass away.

  3. Denise, I had never heard of the Mary Madeline project. That is a great idea! I'm going to send them my wedding dress. It's just taking up space in the attic. Love it!

  4. I support the March of Dimes because while their slogan is to end premature birth they still do a lot of research into causes for premature births.

  5. I am all for MOD, we raised so much money this year. The only thing I didn't like was the walk because it was really unorganized in MY city. I would want to do it again if changes can be made. To me personally the Walk to Remember is closer to home because it is about rememberence. It is also always in October (Sami's month)Money from that helps provide care packages to families and other things that really meant so much to me after I lost my daughter Sami.
    Now that I think about it I have not met one person who has personally been helped by MOD. I need to look into this organization more now.

    I say you try it and if really makes you feel better than go with it.

  6. We drove an hour and a half to participate in our walk this year.

    I think whatever you choose to do to honor Josey will be perfect :)

  7. i support MoD and have been a team leader in my area for 2 years. they provide invaluable support and research for ending premature births. And here in our area they are THE ONLY place to turn when you suffer the death of a child due to premature birth. both of my sons died due to an incompetent cervix and PPROM. I wouldn't have had any idea what was going on if it weren't for my local MOD office.