I hate pre-e!

Thursday, September 09, 2010
Today we drove to God's country to say our final goodbyes to my husband's best friend. Tonight, my sister is on the way to the hospital with high blood pressure. It wasn't quite as high as mine when I was admitted, but it was definitely high enough to make my own blood pressure sky rocket. On top of that, our doctor is in the hospital himself with apparent heart problems, or at least was yesterday. The one good thing in all this is she is 36 weeks and baby boy weighs 6 pounds already. I would assume they will at least keep her tonight to see if her bp goes back down and give them a chance to run a couple sets of labs. I pray for no protein, high platelet counts, perfect liver enzymes and lowered blood pressure!!! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

BP is down, but still a little elevated. Labs came back fine. She did have a trace of protein, but as you all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Dr. Barton was on call. THANK GOD. He was one of my perinatologists and is the man as far as I'm concerned. He at first told her she had to stay, but once her labs came back ok and also since she already has a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday, they told her she could go home. Also, she was told that Dr. Y (our OB) would be back today, so that made both of us feel better. I will be so glad when baby boy gets here. I woke up this morning with the phone still in my hand. Geesh. Enough already.



  1. She's definitely in my thoughts!

  2. She will be in my thoughts and prayers but she is far enough along that the baby would be ok. But I hope she can go a few more weeks. Glad she is ok. Keep us updated. Take Care.