Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Disclaimer: I'm getting ready to say something I shouldn't. Although I really don't mean it and I am very happy this has a happy ending, part of me does mean it. 

I hate The Duggars.  They are everywhere today. It hurts like hell to look at them, especially since their preeclamptic, one pound baby girl is named Josie.  AND the cherry on top? They want more children. Of course, have TWENTY kids. Just go ahead and rub it in my face.  I can take it.



  1. OMGosh! I watched an episode today on my lunch hour where she was feeding Josie for the first time by bottle, and although amazing, it does sting to not have had that opportunity with my child. They are truely blessed that she has made it this far despite the obstacles with her digestion..

    Even worse, the show that follwed the Duggars??? NICU.

    I don't suggest watching this show if you're having a moment of weakness. TEARS were a flowing..

  2. OMG! Kerry, I hate them for wanting a 20th. I hate them that they have 19 and I cant have my FIRST! I just hate them, jealous hate. Not christian, but whatever.

  3. I feel the same way, I don't see why we can't have our babies when they have so many.

  4. You would think after bringing a one pound baby into the world who will I am sure face some struggles, and after her brush with the life threatening would THINK she would be done...moron

  5. Ugh is right :(
    It's not fair. It makes me so mad/jealous that *MY* one pounder never came home.

  6. I totally understand, and even thought I am happy they got their miracle, enough already!

    I was in the hospital with pre-e at the same time she was, and their baby was born just a few days before ours. I remember watching the story on TV and saying to my husband, "Look, that tiny baby was born at 25 weeks, and she's doing OK!" This was before we had an official diagnosis and things went downhill... when I thought we still had a chance.

  7. They need to just enjoy they kids they already have and stop thinking of bringing another into this world. Enough already with them.

    Haven't commented much on here lately but your always in my thougths and prayers, ((HUGSS).

  8. ok seriously DITTO!!!!

    Her and I were due the same day =***(

    When I was pregnant and she delivered I was heartbroken for her as I really did not imagine she would survive. I have met COUNTLESS women who have had babies that were born later then theirs, and weighed MORE than theirs and had better care then theirs and they are Angels now. I am sick that they even consider the fact that adding one more child into their family is ok. That baby needs all the care she can get...and YES, when I heard the name of your daughter theirs is who i thought of too...salt in the wound for sure..I cant even watch TLC anymore..throw that on the list of shows now too!!!


  9. I am sure the duggers dont mean to put salt into anyones wounds I am happy for Josie that she is getting a chance to live after all she did not ask to be here it was her parents decison to bring her into the world. So I am happy for Josie, but I think Michelle Duggers body is trying to tell her this is enough, I think they should be happy and content with the childeren they have and that Josie is alive. Just as I would be happy for anyones baby that can get through and live after an early birth.