My little Starr

Saturday, August 21, 2010
This morning DH and I met with the funeral home to purchase Josey's headstone.  We have been trying to get it ordered for a couple months, but it just hadn't worked out until now.  We picked something very simple, but sweet.  It's a small stone with an engraved teddy bear on it. It will simply have her name, dob, dod, and on the bottom it will say "An Angel in Heaven."  There were a few other nice ones, but DH didn't want anything too wordy or too big, and we both liked this one.  In fact, there's another sweet angel baby right across from Josey with a similar stone.  Once it comes in, I'll post a picture. By then it will be time for new fall flowers. :)

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  1. It sounds nice, and sounds perfect. We still haven't chosen a headstone. I think we have decided we will pick one and order it in time for Bailey's 1 year birthday. I would love to get it before then, but finances are a little too tight right now.