Case of the Mondays

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I so had a case of the Mondays yesterday. I've went from mad (yesterday) to just disappointed today. There are a select few people that I always respected and trusted that have just really done a number on us. At this point, I feel like we've been knocked down so many times that I may just sit for awhile. I don't have the energy to get back up just yet.

The one thing that keeps me moving is knowing we are moving ahead with the adoption. I just hope if we should be lucky enough to get a match sometime next year, that these same people don't make it difficult for us because they are in a position to do so.

I really need to take a moment and remember the good things going on and maybe that will help. DH is well underway on his dissertation with UK.  We hope to have "Dr" in the family by next spring! I'm so proud of him! :) We're going to be an aunt and uncle in October (or maybe even next month if he decides to come early!).  We have a roof over our heads, the bills paid and family and friends that love us. Oh, and fall is on the way.  I love fall, pumpkins, mums, candy corn, colored leaves, I could go on and on.

OK, I'm done rambling for the day. Here's to a much better rest of the week!


  1. I'm glad the adoption is going well. And if you need to sit for a while that's okay, but I am sorry there are people in your life who are knocking you down. You definitely don't need that right now.

    I'm so excited for fall! Colored leaves and candy corn sounds perfect right now.

  2. i'm so sorry. why do people feel the need to be ugly? i don't understand! (they do it to me too).. always praying that God has His hands on the perfect baby just for you somewhere in this world :)

  3. Did I already post before that I want to yell at someone for you? Well, I sure wish I could.

    COME ON FALL! Smell of the cool air, burning wood, COLORS!