Calling Dr. House

Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Just thinking out loud today...I am amazed at the number of women with MTHFR mutations. However, I am even more amazed at the completely different treatment options that doctors have given us.  I read lots and lots of blogs, forums, message boards, etc.  There is a common consensus that MTHFR moms should take extra folic acid, baby aspirin and lovenox shots during pregnancy, but it's what we're told to do when we're not pregnant I can't figure out.

I am compound heterozygous. I have one copy of each mutation. That being said, my homocysteine levels are normal. (For those of you already confused, normally your homocysteine levels are high with this mutation, which can cause all sorts of issues.)

I've noticed many doctors say we (we being those of us with MTHFR mutations) absolutely can not use birth control. Yet, I am on birth control. I asked my OB about it and he said since my levels were normal it wasn't a problem. Some also have been told to take a baby aspirin every day for the rest of their lives, along with extra folic acid.  I was told to take baby aspirin and extra folic acid only if I get pregnant again. So, what gives?

I take the extra vitamins anyway. It can't hurt. My next check-up isn't until next month.  I'll probably revisit all of this again because of what so many of your doctors are having you do.

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  1. I don't have MTHFR but i have factor V (one gene mutation) And I was told not to take any type of BC with estrogen i.e. pill, nuva ring. And back in feb my OB RX nuva ring for me because it was only one gene mutation nothing to be "worried" about when clearly on their add it says not to take if you have a clotting disorder so i refused to use the ring. I actually can only use IUD or estrogen free pills. And i feel your frustration with what to do outside of pregnancy. One doc told me take LDA the other said only during pregnancy.