Back to school

Monday, August 16, 2010
I always imagined myself a school teacher (until I subbed while I was in college). I was usually the one sitting in the front of the class with my homework finished and ready to turn in. One of my favorite smells is freshly sharpened pencils. To this day whenever the new school year rolls around I get the warm fuzzies for new school clothes and freshly sharpened number two Ticonderoga pencils. Sometimes I think I should go back to school to teach and then I remind myself that a room full of hormonal teenagers would drive me crazy. I don't know how DH does it, but he loves every minute of it. 

My youngest sister is nine.  She started the fourth grade this year.  We sat in the floor and spread all her school supplies out and organized them just right. The school supply list has increased ten fold since I was in elementary school. Wow!  Fun times.

DH is finally getting settled back into his school routine. My school (the university) starts next week. I'm finally ready for the new semester and all that comes along with it. I have also started a new venture. I am officially as of yesterday a Willow House Consultant.  It was formerly Southern Living at Home. I love the stuff. My goal isn't really to make money, but just make money to buy more Willow House products. LOL Once I get all the info and set up my website, I'll let everyone know! I'm hoping if I do make any extra money from it, it will go towards the adoption. So, we'll see.

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