Friday, July 23, 2010
I'm finding that some of the consequences of preeclampsia seem to want to stick around. I had two epidurals, both flushed 3 times a piece, that never worked.  I also had a spinal tap.  We later found out the reason they didn't work was because of my horrible swelling.  You can still see the three spots from the needles on my back.  For whatever reason, they hurt.  My back aches randomly, especially during weather changes, all around those three spots with exception to that wonderful time of the month when AF comes to visit.  Then, it's all out hell.  If I'm not sitting, I'm hurting.  I can't walk without pain.  I can't move from side to side without pain.  It's miserable.  A nice, sweet little leftover to so politely remind me of my own personal hell.  Oh, and the uncanny ability to know when it's getting ready to rain. LOL

Before AF came back, I asked my OB about the pain around that area because it was hurting then too.  He told me it just sometimes happens and it might be awhile before it goes away.  Well, I'm a couple weeks away from 4 months out and it still hurts.  UGH. GO AWAY! I guess until that day I'll be best friends with my bottle of ibuprofen.


  1. Ahhh,I'm so sorry, that's miserable. After my epidural I had weird shooting pains in my thighs ( of all places) and it hurt like little tiny needles poking me..Lasted about 3 months ( as did the postpartum bleeding, so I totally hear you on the whole "reminders" of your personal hell thing). It's like , when is enough enough?

    I guess my only advice is to be a squeaky wheel and get it checked out again.

    I hope for your sake you find something to alleviate the pain or get rid of it all together.

  2. Mine hurt too for a couple months (I think I had an epidural and not a spinal- but it took the anesthesiologist FOUR times to get it in right. Ouch, ouch, ouch.) It never hurts anymore so hopefully yours will go away too, though I definitely agree with getting it checked out again if it keeps hurting.

  3. Hello! I don't see an email address so I am just going to post a comment. I am replying from my blog- sarah's sarcasm.
    My DH and I have been looking at two different agencies. One local one (I am in Indiana) called Adoption Support Center and one national called Adoption Network Law Center. I hope that helps!!!

  4. Just like your milk coming in after a loss with no baby to feed it to. That was the worst for me. I hope you feel better. I had the epidural pain a long long time each time.