Boom Shake Drop

Thursday, July 22, 2010
I have got to get moving and exercising again.  I just haven't had it in me to be consistent lately.  It seems like half the town is on a zija kick.  I don't know if anyone has tried it, but several people around here have lost lots of weight.  I did some research and found that it has ephedra in it, although not the banned kind of ephedra. To me, even though it's not banned at the moment, it makes me a little scared to use it, especially with being on blood pressure medication.  Has anyone else tried it?

I've been to zumba intermittently.  I miss it, so I don't know what the problem is getting my butt there. :)  Laziness has set in I guess.  The heat here in KY makes me want to do nothing but seek air conditioning.  Even worse, I just texted my sister and asked her if she'd bring me an M&M frosty from Wendy's (like I need it).  Unfortunately, I couldn't convince her to get me one, so I'll keep sippin' on my water.

Last night I skipped zumba to attend a Premier Jewelry party.  I LOVE Premier.  I had to book a party, but I booked it in September. I am partied out at the moment. I have spent a small fortune on Tupperware, Premier, Pampered Chef and Thirty One in the last couple weeks.  We are partying fools around here!

Tomorrow, DH and I are meeting some friends in Lexington.  We're going to see Ron White at the UK Singletary Center.  We are SO excited!  We love Ron White and everyone we've talked to that's seen him in person says he's great.  I'm also off half a day.  Can't beat that for a Friday!


  1. I wish we were going to Ron White; love him!!! But it just wasn't in our budget right now. We are going to Hullabaloo at Churchill Downs on Saturday though. Have a great time Friday night!

  2. i get your frustration with weight loss. email me and i'll let you in on the secret that worked for me if you're curious, it's a bit of a ramble for a comment!

  3. Justin and I are Zija distributors, if you are interested. We started it almost a week ago. We didn't change our diet (which we don't do) or our exercise (which we don't do). He lost 7 pounds in the first week, and I lost 5. It is pretty darn easy.

    Let me know if you are interested.