No more, please

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I am so tired of going to the doctor.  It didn't bother me so much at first, probably because I was pregnant and looked forward to going, but now I'm wore out with it.  I have two appointments tomorrow.  And unfortunately, until my bp decides to regulate itself, I'll probably have to keep up the every 3 week appointments.  I'm going to ask if I can refer to my family doctor for my bp issues from here on out.  I'm tired of driving over an hour to get my blood pressure checked, not to mention having to sit there with happily pregnant women.  I'm always told they book my appointments on non prenatal days, but somehow there's always a room full anyway.  Lately, I've just been numb to it.  The sting isn't quite as bad.  I just think "Oh great. Another pregnant person," followed by a big sigh. New babies? Well, that still stings a bit, but I'm getting there.  I really do believe I have moved on to acceptance.  I still get bummed, but I try to look to tomorrow and hope it brings a better day.  But back to the main point of this post, NO MORE doctor's appointments, please!

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  1. Ugh, I feel for you! I was SOOO sick of going to the doctor, so much so that I'm having a hard time getting myself to make appointments even now, after a several-month-long break from it. Just wanted to say I understand, and I wish the both of us could just be "normal" and only need the minimal appointments!