Sunday, May 30, 2010
After my marathon five hour cry yesterday morning, I finally picked myself up, grabbed a good book, my favorite Pottery Barn beach towel I splurged on last year and headed to the back porch.  Shannon got our umbrella that was still resting against the house and put it up for me.  I positioned my lounge chair under it, along with a big glass of ice water, turned on some tunes and read.  I spent about 2 hours or so out there until Mom called and asked if I wanted to meet them for a late lunch.  I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house, so I went.

While I was out that way, I decided to drop off Newton's allergy prescription at the Kroger pharmacy.  His vet had written him a prescription to take to an actual people pharmacy.  They looked at me kind of funny when I dropped it off, but that's what I was told to do.  When I went back to pick it up, the young lady kind of giggled and said, "We don't have his information on file." Ok.... They had to have his birthday, any known allergies to medications, his address, telephone number and I had to sign a statement that I wouldn't violate his privacy rights since he is a minor. HA! I chuckled.  At least the pharmacy thinks I'm a mommy, even if it is to my dog.

Later we drug ourselves out of the house and to the movie. We saw Iron Man 2.  Growing up, Shannon collected comic books.  In fact, we have boxes and boxes of them somewhere around here.  I've found that most of the comic books that are turned in to movies are actually pretty good. This one was no exception. Plus, it's always nice to have some background from Shannon since he's read them all.

Anyway, we somehow managed to have a fairly nice ending to a pretty rotten day.  Not sure what today will bring, but I'm heading back to my chair on the back porch later this morning.  The boat is currently being worked on...again...oh, the joy's of owning a boat.  Of course, after spending my entire life growing up on  Cave Run Lake, I know that holiday weekends are always crazy.  Sometimes it's better to just stay away, which is what we'll be doing. Hopefully, we'll be back in business next weekend.

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