Wednesday, May 19, 2010
It was a big day for numbers yesterday. I had two family members running for reelection in our local primary and I had a doctor's appointment. Both ended pretty well. We won reelection and the doc gave me some promising stats.

I was told yesterday that he (the doc) feels I have a 30-40% chance of the preeclampsia reoccurring, but only about a 10% chance of it happening so early. This of course is in stark contrast to what I was told when I left the hospital. I've decided these doctors really have absolutely no clue as to whether or not it could happen again; only that since I've had it once, then I am at a higher risk than someone who hasn't had it.

Of course, these numbers could be different once I hear from my lab results. Should my homocysteine levels come back high, then that changes those numbers, but he didn't say to what. However, he didn't feel they would come back high. So, we'll see. I go back in three weeks for a BP check. He's weaning me completely off the bp meds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't need them anymore. Hopefully that will be my last appointment for awhile.


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  2. Hi Kerry,

    So glad you had some "good" numbers yesterday! I know what you mean about the doctors—I don't think they know anything about the odds for recurrence of pre-e, but every doc has had a number for me. I've gotten everything from 60% (YIKES) to 20% (better).

    One answer that's been fairly consistent is that the odds of getting pre-e/HELLP as early or as severe are very small. That is comforting to me, I hope it helps you!

  3. OH MY GOD. I seriously had up your blog & Ashley's blog at the same time, and even though they are OBVIOUSLY different colors, I still screwed it up. I'm so sorry! I want Nolan to be a big brother and you & your dh to get your little one as well. I know how frustrating and scary it can be. Sorry I sounded like a complete idiot!

  4. Glad you got some reassuring numbers.

    Maddie x

  5. Kerry, you're absolutely right. They don't know. They make their best guess. We were told a 99.9% chance of recurrence AND our best hope being a 28 weeker. Hmmmm. Lovenox + baby asprin + some low level bp meds = 34 weeks and NO PE. Says it all.