missing my girl

Sunday, May 16, 2010
I'm missing my baby girl today. Missing the future we had planned for her, for us. We were so happy and so excited. She changed everything. And then...poof, she was gone. I'm having an it's so not fair day today. Dad always told me life's not fair, but this is just ridiculous. I've had two really good days; I guess I'm due for a bad one. Plus, I have a doctor's appointment this week and they have to do blood work. Not to mention my least favorite friend, PMS, has returned. I'll probably have a nice cry the first day of my period. lol

Oh well. I am thankful for two fun days. Shan and I enjoyed ourselves Friday night and we had a lot of fun yesterday. We cleaned the boat and got it put in the water. It's ready for the summer. We even managed to get a little sun. We also watched my brother-in-law and all the juniors and seniors get announced and walk in to the prom.  All in all, it was a good day. Now if I could just figure out how to have those kinds of days everyday, we'd be getting somewhere.


  1. Almost a year later, I still have those days myself. It's not fair..and even though we know life isn't always fair, it still doesn't make what you are experiencing any easier. I hope that tomorrow is a brighter one.

  2. if you figure that out, bottle it and sell it.... i need some of that too!

    :) (((hugs)))