Day 7...cont.

Friday, March 19, 2010
I was allowed out of my "prison cell" today for half an hour. Shannon was allowed to wheel me outside to sit in the sun. Who knew a few minutes outside could make such a difference? We also met another couple confined up here with us. The nurse brought them over to visit. She had her sweet little dog with her. I can't wait to see my Newton! She has been here going on 28 days. It was so nice talking to someone who knows what I am going through right this minute. I think it lifted both mine and Shannon's spirits to see she's made it to 34 weeks while here and gets to visit with her puppy dog. Yes, I know you may think that's silly, but I miss my dog. He's my baby too. :)

Still no news, so again hopefully no news is good news. The doctor stopped by while we were on our "walk" but our nurse said he just stopped by to check on me and to tell me hello. My bp has around the same range today; however, it can still stand to go lower. BUT, it was better than yesterday. Maybe another day of this new dosage and it will get even better, at least we hope.

I feel like I say that word a lot -hope. For now, it's what we hold on to, so you'll probably here it a lot more. Not sure what tomorrow may bring. Shannon's going to take me on another walk while the weather is still nice. I'm definitely looking forward to that already. Here's to another day.

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  1. Going outside does make a difference. Have you got a window in your room? When I was re-admitted they moved me to a room with more of a view which helped me.

    My husband used to put videos of our dog on youtube for me to watch.

    And yes, here's to another day and hopefully a long boring stay in hospital.

    Maddie x