Day 16

Sunday, March 28, 2010
It's too early to know what today will bring, but it's already started off eventful. (I say this sarcastically.) I gained 5 pounds since yesterday. I'm having a horrible time keeping my eyes open. I guess it all went to my face. Luckily, I slept well last night. I even had normal dreams. The couple times I woke up I actually for a split second didn't realize where I was. It was wonderful.

My blood work has already been taken. The doctor came in around 7 this morning. My labs are basically the same, which hopefully gives me another day. I suppose the steroid talk will be tomorrow, at least that's what my doctor yesterday said. It's hard keeping up with 4 different doctors. Of course, two of them are now on vacation. I don't blame them though. They are always here - day in and day out. I'm not sure how these people have any sort of life other than hospital life.

I honestly can't believe I'm starting on my third week here. The last two weeks seem to disappear in my mind, all but the bad news. At least it seems to have gone faster than I would have thought. I've said it before, but I'm truly, truly exhausted. I don't even want to get out of bed now. It takes everything in me to drag the iv to the bathroom, and changing clothes takes me at least a half hour to recover. Dad asked me yesterday how long it would take me once I got home to be able to walk across the house. I'd say quite a while. It will definitely be some time before I can lace up my zumba shoes again.


  1. Good Morning Kerry,
    Just wanted to send you a hello and a prayer. I have been following you on this site and a little from your mom's fb. You are getting tons of prayers from your friends and family here and all over. Keep your spirits up, your faith in God, and know you are loved more than words can express. I know you have heard this before, but please let me know if I can do ANYTHING to make this road a little easier for you and Shannon.

    In constant prayers for you,
    Bev Winkleman

  2. Kerry,
    Chip, me & our church are praying for you, but wanted to let you know we will be lifting your family up in prayer today, especially for growth for Josey and protection for you. Karen

  3. Stopping over from Ashley's blog (Nolan's Story) to send lots of thoughts & prayers your way.

  4. Still thinking about you. Stay strong!!!

  5. I found you on Ashley's blog...and I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you. I am on bed rest as well, but for a different reason. So, I know how sore you probably are, not to mention bored! Thank goodness for the internet!

    I hope and pray that you feel God's love and support through this time.

    Come and visit me anytime at
    or email me at

    I have lots of time on my hands to write and read:)

  6. Kerry, you, Shannon and baby Josey are on my mind constantly. I pray for you often throughout the day. Miracles happen everyday and I will continue to pray that God will send a miracle your way.

  7. Thinking and praying for you and Josey. ((HUGS))

  8. Love you all! Sending prayers your way all the time!

  9. Ah the piggie eyes - poor you, hon :( But you are still in the hospital with Josey in your tummy. It must be frustrating not having the same doc all the time. Hang in there - praying for boringly stable labs and steroids >:D<