Day 14

Friday, March 26, 2010
More tests today. Of course, the tests they are running are more or less to see if I have some condition that can cause what's going on so that should we ever decide to get pregnant again, there are steps we can take to prevent this. I'm not so sure I want to go down this road again, but that's something we'll have to take up a lot later. Either way, it's nothing to help today's situation. I thought they had already run every test. My arm definitely looks like it.

I'm not sure what today will bring. It would be wonderful if it didn't bring anything. Normally, bad news always rears its ugly head before 9 or 10. If not before then, then usually late in the afternoon. I would love a day to just lay here in bed without interruption, but I also know the doctors do and say what they do not to upset me, but to keep me informed and keep me healthy, at least that's what I tell myself.


  1. its like a double edged sword. you want to know what is going on-but only if it's good! :) i guess no news is good news at this point!!!
    i heart you great big kerry bob! you are such a trooper!

  2. Im so sorry you have ot go through this. When I went through this with my daughter, I said I would never do it again. You will be amazed at what your willing to go through again :) Always thinking of you! I check my blog daily to see how your doing!

  3. So very sorry. I remember how much I hated dr.'s telling me the results would help "next time". All I cared about was THAT time.

    Hugs to you - this is just not fair

  4. :( This isn't fair, Kerry. I'm so very sorry. I can't even imagine what you are going through. Please let me know, if it's ok to stop by around 5:30. I understand if you would rather not have company.

  5. its sounds like science fiction, but my dr told me that if we had any other children besides Christopher, that as long as it was by the same father that each pregnancy would be better. its like your body recognizes that dna make-up. i know it sounds strange but in my case it was true and he said if i would get pregnant by someone else i would be in the same shape or worse as i was with christopher. my pregnancies were better with sara-grace and marina i had some blood pressure problems & border line pre-eclampcia with sara, in hospital 14 days,24 hr urines and everything that goes with it and she was born early but not as early as christopher she was due 2/4/91 born 1/14/91 marina was a good pregnancy with no b/p problems due 2/9/95 born 1/18/95. So dont give up hope. concetrate on Josey, its hard to think of the future when the here and now is breaking your heart hang in there sweetie this whole town is praying for you.