Day 11

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Boy, my face is starting to swell. It's not too bad yet, but I feel like one of those puffer fish. It's also starting to take everything I've got just to change clothes in the morning and try to walk to the bathroom and back. Who knew laying around all day could wear you out? lol I'm pretty sure I couldn't get through the warm-up song during zumba at this point. Not to mention my feet are killing me. My toes look like tree trunks. It's quite attractive.

I have more testing today. The lab came in around 5:30 for blood and at some point I am going for another ultrasound and to see the docs. Until then, I'm just going to try to relax and keep my mind off things.


  1. Hang in there girlie!
    I know it's hard to relax there.
    The calmer you are, the better for Josey.
    I am praying for all 3 of you.
    I have our whole church, and everyone I know that can touch God praying for you.
    So Believe! and try to trust Him.
    I know it's hard.
    If you need or want something let me know I don't care to buzz over.
    Just give me a shout.
    {{{Big Hugsss}}}

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.... (((HUGS)))