Day 10

Monday, March 22, 2010
I'm feeling much better this morning; however, I just took my bp meds about a half hour ago so we'll see if I end up with another headache. If the meds work though, I can put up with a headache. I have had migraines since I was in 6th grade and chronic migraines for the past 6 years. I can deal with a 3 month migraine. lol

I have an ultrasound sometime today. To be honest, I'm really nervous. Praying for good news. Hoping everything looks good and my labs are stable enough to keep cookin'. It seems the magic date is April 25th. I'll be 28 weeks then. Obviously, the longer the better, but the doctors seem to be talking a lot about 28 weeks. So, basically another month would put me in pretty good shape pending no trouble. I'll try to give another update later today.

Well, I don't know whether to say I have good news or bad news or just plain news. Some of my labs are fairly stable, some have gone up and my ultrasound is still "abnormal" whatever that means. The u/s wasn't really for the baby, but more for me, e.g. checking fluid, the placenta, uterine growth, etc. The doctor has decided to give me progesterone aka the pregnancy hormone. Basically, a study was done on pre-term births and although the study wasn't involving pre-eclampsia, they found that most women who took the extra hormone who had pre-e or were on the verge, tended to stay fairly stable; however, it was given around 18-20 weeks. I am 23 weeks. Pretty much, they are just trying whatever they can to slow down the inevitable.

**update 2 @ 4:15 pm**
I have been officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.


  1. we've got our fingers crossed for ya on this end!! cmon josey and momma!!

  2. You are in my prayers both of you!!!

  3. This all seems so similar to Ashley's story with one HUGE difference. It sounds like you are getting the best care for you and Josey. In my soul I feel Ashley never got that care she needed.
    You are in the right place with the right people to take care of you. I think about so often and pray that you and Josey are watched over.

  4. I am so sorry you have to go through all of this. I am praying that the baby stays put. It seems like you are in great hands at that hospital, that is great.

    Note: My sister in-law had the same thing but she didn't get the proper care. She went in and had to have an emergency c-section at 29 wks. My nephew was 2.1 lbs when he was born on 05/29/07. It was a very difficult time for them, they had thier scares (he developed NEC, he was in the hospital for 4 1/2 months... We prayed and prayed, now he is almost 3 yrs and he is doing well. He is very, very smart. He has a little issues with going to the restroom but that is from the NEC but other than that he is a beautiful, healthy little boy. I have heard that NEC happens to preemies often however it is more common in boys.

    I pray that you also have the same outcome.

  5. I am sorry if I added more worries to you by telling you about NEC. That was not my intention if I did.
    I am praying for you.

  6. Hi Kerry,
    We're praying for you down here in the A-T-L. We've also notified our small group at church and I will send over a prayer request to our prayer warrior team. Stay strong, keep the faith, read lots of People-type magazines (smile) and I'll send you Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity's new books (LOL). JK. One day at'll make it!!
    - Uncle B and Tam

  7. I am sorry you have been officially diagnosed. I hope you are able to stay stable for many many more weeks. I've been were you are and it is very hard place to be, try to stay sane and take it day by day.

  8. I'm really sorry that you've officially moved to the PE brigade :( I am however happy that you've made it to 23 weeks and that you're in good hands - and I'm sincerely hoping and praying that you're still cooking on ANZAC Day (April 25). Every day in = 2 out :)